Wheel Alignment in Lincoln

Book your Wheel Alignment services today with Lincoln Tyre Centre in Lincolnshire using our interactive online booking system 24/7.

Mechanic aligning a vehicles wheels - Wheel Alignment Lincoln

Get booked in for wheel alignment with Dack Motor Group

Are you looking for wheel alignment in Lincoln? Using our Hunter Elite TD Wheel Alignment system at our Lincoln site, we have carried out hundreads of alignment adjustments on a wide range of vehicles. From drag cars, 'slammed' VW's, camper vans to general alignment on Corsa's and Van's - we're able to cater for all.

Our equipment is lowered car friendly, there's nothing that our guages haven't fitted yet! We get many recommendations from other bodyshops and garages too.

For a free wheel alignment check in Lincoln, give us a call today. We have a dedicated alignment bay, so we can fit most jobs in at short notice.

Pricing for the adjustment starts at £35 to adjust the front 'toe'. Pricing is then affected by which other adjustments are required and the vehicle itself. As mentioned above, the check is free and there is no obligation to have the adjustment carried out after.